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White Wolf Moon   31 comments

White Wolf Spirit Guides

White Wolf Moon

Against the backdrop of a rising Moon, glinting satellite monitors watching galactic space as intently as a star wolf listens for the call of the moon-song on a cold winter’s night.

A milky Full Moon glow casts a hazy silvered aurora in mystic shadowed magic around the White Moon Star-Wolf. Magic of the Moon-song. White wolf mysteries of the Full Moon Rising over an enchanted nightscape. The song of the Moon wolf echoing eerily into the night sky, casting its sound to the sphere of 1000 stars.

White wolf waits, watching for you from the enchanted forest that is your mindscape, calling to you, unseen, unfelt, but for those for whom wolf is spirit guide, the haunting call of the moon-song will let you know he is there. Bold and space silver. Caller of the star song and the moon dreams, fired by the consuming power of the solar streams and the call of the cosmos.

Magic of the Moonsong

The concept of linking a specific energy or purpose to a particular animal using their colour as a basis is an age-old concept, not the new one that some people perceive it to be.

There are various breeds of wolves within the world’s wolf community, each sharing very similar energies. However individual wolf guides within the pack have their own specific energies which when learned are useful tools when working with “wolf magic”.

  • The White Wolf:

    The white wolf is the phantom, the spiritual wolf, the wolf between worlds, existing simultaneously in both effectively bridging the gap between them. White wolves show us the way, the art needed to build bridges that span the divide between the spiritual and physical worlds that exist in our lives. In doing so the white wolf teaches the art of bringing balance to our lives and helps us to make sense of the meaning and purpose of events and issues that inevitably occur in our daily lives.

  • Brown Wolf:

    Is the medicine wolf, teacher of the ways of health and healing. In order to maintain a healthy balance between the mind/body/spirit we must understand and learn the ways in which we can successfully combine nature’s healing abilities with our existing earthly knowledge of medicine.

  • Grey Wolf:

    Is the hidden one, the shadow hunter, slipping ghostlike through the veiled mists and the swirling fogs, of natural world sight into the mysteries of the spirit realm. The grey wolf is the teacher of spirit connections and communications. How we can balance our path with information from our spiritual teachers and guides.

  • Red Wolf:

    Is the earth-forest wolf, guardian of earth and nature, hunting amongst the Redwood forests, and all lands of our world, at one with the life-force of the Earth They teach us the great art of communicating both with the natural world around us and the very Earth itself that is home to nature. Red wolves teach us also how to communicate in these spheres on both a physical and spiritual level, for example, in our dreams

  • Black Wolf:

    Our guide and teacher in the physical dimension. The black wolf helps us to bring balance to our physical and material natures, our everyday erotic and sensual and sometimes carnal desires! When we need to focus our minds on such matters, questions and concerns as the disputes of our earthly, worldly existence, black wolf is there to help us to do. Spiritual lessons learned along the way are good for helping us to evolve. They allow us to progress onwards and upwards till we reach the next level of our spirit lives.

These are top level colour categories from which the whole variety of shades in the wolf kingdom flow. These create sub-categories, eg wolves of lighter colouring, would fall into the White Wolf category etc.

Depending on your life circumstances, one particular animal may stand out as the most prominent at any one time. This is because when working on a certain area of your life that animal’s specific energy is the energy you need to help you progress and move forward.

If you marry, your dominant animal also gains a mate. In fact it is likely that your dominant animal will be the first of the two of you to find a mate, and their romantic energy will in turn impact on your energy leading to you attracting a mate of your own.

Wolf-Spirit Guides  White Wolf Moon

Rising Out of the Ashes – The Spirit of Fire and Immortality   21 comments

The Phoenix (Phoenos immortalis)

Soaring birds have a magnetic fascination to us. They symbolise the spirit of freedom and peace. Some like the colossal Thunderbird and the huge Roc frighten us. Others, like the healing Caladrius, the shrewd Simurgh and the Phoenix have stirred love or awe.


The Arabian Phoenix Phoenix-Ashes

The Arabian Phoenix, the ancient and beautiful gold-red plumed firebird, both mythical and sacred resembled a very large eagle -which when caught in the sun’s fire appeared to flare and flame, shimmering in the sky. With a tail of gold, rainbow-hued wings and scarlet feet the King of all Birds, the Greek-named Phoenix was spoken of in myth and legend as the Spirit of Fire.

Originating in regions of Europe, Central America, Egypt and Asia it made home the wooded dells in Central India. It lived on dew, touching neither fruit nor flowers, leaving anything it touched unharmed, killing nothing.

Greek mythology says the Phoenix lived in Phoenicia adjacent to a well. Every sunrise, it bathed in the well’s water, and its aroma and song were of such allure that all Earth’s birds followed it. Even Apollo the Greek sun-god stopped his chariot (the sun) to hear it sing.


Immortality and Rebirth

Towards the end of its life, said to be 500-1000 years, the Phoenix migrated West, gathering leaves and branches of cinnamon, myrrh and other spices from the Arabian Peninsula before continuing onto Phoenicia (Modern Lebanon)

2746756_f520Three days later the Phoenix would set itself and its nest of twigs ablaze, burning fiercely until it was completely consumed by flames and reduced to ashes. When arising from the ashes the new young Phoenix, collected its parents ashes into a myrrh egg carrying them to Heliopolis, the City of the Sun, in Egypt to deposit them on the altar of the sun-gods in the Temple of the Sun, before flying East back to India.

In symbolising rebirth the Phoenix also has a lifecycle that defies biology. In this process of self-destruction it shows us the only way to achieve this dreamed of state of genetic immortality-living forever. It is a very powerful human symbol of spiritual rebirth viewed by Egyptians to be a symbolic representation of fire, divinity, and rebirth.

The Phoenix was said to regenerate when injured by an enemy. Essentially it was indestructible, and considered immortal.



Now extinct its beginnings as its end are veiled in a smoke screen of mystery. But its possible Mediterranean Europeans high demand for spices lead to over- exploitation of Arabian Spice Groves, on which it depended. With a population of one the Phoenix was unable to adapt or evolve and by the end of the 16th century its delicate existence was terminally interrupted and one of nature’s most extraordinary creations had been lost forever.

Chinese and Japanese Phoenix

The Chinese Phoenix (Feng Huang) and Japanese (Hou-Ou/Ho-Oo) are viewed in Chinese mythology to be a symbol of grace, influence and affluence and an excellent example of dignity, bravery, respect and leadership. Representing the birth of the new emperor or the dawn of a new age, the Phoenix symbolizes the cleansing power of fire and the Chinese principle of yin; imperial grace and elegance, immortality and rebirth; purity and piety.

Believed to appear only in times of peace and opulence Feng Huang is the second of four supernatural creatures, the dragon, the unicorn, and the tortoise. It presides over the southern quadrant of the universe, and therefore symbolizes sun and warmth for summer and harvest.

ChinesePhoenix  2746786_f520  

It shares the benevolent nature of the unicorn harming nothing. Settling nowhere but the wu t’ung tree, feeding only on the bamboo seeds it satisfies its thirst only at the sweet fountains.


The Japanese call the Phoenix Karura, or The Ho-Oo (Ho being male and Oo being female) and he is an enormous fire breathing eagle with golden feathers and magic gems adorning his brow, the Karura or Ho came to the earth to do good deeds for mankind. Representative of the beginning of a new age, the Ho-Oo represents the sun, loyalty and conformity.


In Astrology, by Hesiod’s calculations the Phoenix’s birth date would have coincided roughly with the instant all the stars return to their starting positions beginning a new orbit in a perpetual sequence. This is known as the Great Year and effectively, the Phoenix becomes a reflection of the universe.

Phoenix is a constellation in Earth’s Southern Hemisphere near Toucana and Sculptor. The Phoenix cluster is a dense expanse of unexplored stars, and is also linked with the Phoenicids meteor shower of December 5th.


“The Phoenix hope, can wing her way through the desert skies, and still defying fortune’s spite; revive from ashes and rise.”

~ Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Rising from the ashes, the Spirit of Immortality…the Spirit of Fire…the Spirit of Freedom and Peace…PHOENES IMMORTALIS – THE KING OF ALL BIRDS.

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