The Icewolf Files

The Shores of the Cosmic Oceans

 “The surface of the Earth is the shore of the cosmic ocean” ~ Carl Sagen

Sky blue moons rose on a bright, alien-world horizon, lighting up the sky of another world. Songs of the sol-light wound through the rarefied atmosphere drifting through the sol-lit Europan moon wolf.  Born of burnished, cold star-fire, interstellar traveller from galaxies far distant.  Caller of the star song and lunar-light dreams, answering the power of the star-streams and the call of the cosmos.

Alien ice wolf on an alien world, calling the unfathomable song of the stars. Cosmic dreams swam in burning wolf-eyes, the whispering call of the highest-ranking alpha wolf swirling on the borders of the consciousness of the star wolves attuned to its dream-like call. Foreseeing all, in the dreams of the ice wolves of Europa, eyes distant, already at the horizon of another world-beyond, seeing what was not yet there.

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we would go nowhere.” 
~ Carl Sagen

Moon-Wolf Watching

Moon Watch Wolf Forever on a Frozen World of Ice

Moon-shadows crept across the ice and snow capturing the White-cloud wolf, Moon-wolf of Europa in incandescent emission rays, holding her motionless in the extra-terrestrial night. Moon-wolf watching. She stood quiet and dreaming lost in worlds beyond the imagination, distant, faraway, dreaming always dreaming.  Moon-Watch wolf, reflecting the icy allure of the Europan home-world. 

The sudden dazzling burst of stabbing moon rays jettisoning through star-black sky called to wolf blood and in answer to its compelling life call she raised her head to the cosmos calling the haunting song of the Moon-wolf on a frozen world of ice. Silver-coated Moon-wolf, the caller of the Moon-song.  The voice of the stars as the cosmos rolled inexorably onwards looking always forwards never back. Moon-wolf watching. Moon-watch wolf forever on a frozen world of ice. 

Look deep into the eyes of a Moon-wolf, see the beauty of forever echoed in the soul-spirit of the wolf song.

3 thoughts on “The Icewolf Files

  1. Just checking out the Icewolf Files, Icewolf, on your new-look blog. Imagination is key to everything, isn’t it? We can travel to those distant worlds in an instant, without moving a muscle, and hear the Icewolves calling wherever we go… obviously, those of us with really good imaginations can get to sing along with the wolves… and those of us with extremely good imaginations actually sound good.
    I’m in the latter category. I sound perfect.
    Loving the new look! 🙂

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